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life is not a paragraph

and death, i think, is no parenthesis

the girl who cried wolf
26 December
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my username is from the wonderful song "julia" by the beatles.
how many people upon meeting me have started singing that song?

have i always been this awesome, you may be asking yourself.

the clear answer is yes.

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Date Created:2003-11-26
Number of Posts: 651

julia is one crazy girl. she attends trent university in peterborough, and loves it. her interests include feminism, flappers, friends and being in love with her wallpaper. she has two lovely sisters, one with whom she lives with, and two wonderfully strange parents who reside in trenton.
Strengths: friendly, very outgoing and always has something to say.
Weaknesses: boisterous, somewhat fickle minded and never knows when to shut up.
Special Skills: procrastinating, reading books quickly, and bending her pinky behind her ring finger.
Weapons: sharp teeth, gangly limbs, and big feet
Favorite Lovely Ladies: audrey hepburn, louise brooks, frida kahlo, audrey tatou

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(abandoned) old buildings, 1920s, 20hz, acoustic guitar, activism inspired by love, adbusters, allyson mitchell, amélie, anti-racism, architecture, art, art deco, art history, at the drive-in, audrey hepburn, bad dancing, barbara kruger, barefeet, being pretentious, being vain, bell hooks, bikini kill, breakfast at tiffany's, cat power, concerts, confusing movies, conor oberst, culture jamming, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, donnie darko, donovan, drawing, dressing up, drive like jehu, egalitarianism, elliot smith, fashion, fashion photography, fellows, feminism, flappers, flea markets, foreign films, forgotten postcards, frida kahlo, ghost world, haute couture, hayden, hip shaking, hugs, indie rock, inside jokes, kensington market, kissing, le tigre, les mouches, lyrics, mach tiver, making art/making out, making lists, man ray, marlene dietrich, mars volta, miles davis, mixtapes, modern art, mother earth, music, naomi klein, naomi wolf, neutral milk hotel, ogling pretty people, old books, old movies, one candle power, outdated slang, pedro the lion, peterborough, photography, polaroid pictures, politics, polka dots, pretty boys, q and not u, queers, radical and anti-racist feminism, radiohead, reading childrens’ books, regina spektor, requiem for a dream, retro, revolution girl style, scarves, school reach, secret arcade, self expression, shaggy haired boys, sharpies, sigur ros, skirts, sneakers with skirts, social justice, speaking french, susan bordo, sylvia plath, taking pictures, the beatles, the beauty in tragedy, the jazz age, the microphones, the peanut butter solution, the roaring twenties, the sick lipstick, the smell of matches, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the virgin/whore dichotomy, the weakerthans, thrift stores, trent university, vintage, vogue, wax mannequin, writing long letters, yeah yeah yeahs, zoe leonard, ,